Our Company Brands

Sirka Stationery company holds exclusive writing instruments of several leading brands in the country and the world and is considered a leader in its field and worried constantly replenished exclusive brands which it holds:


Fibracolor Markers

Fibracolor Markers by Etafelt italy , The  Etafelt Company  known under the brand Fibracolor markers in the world. The Markers of Fibracolor are manufactured under European standards and American standards, and are manufactured from materials that maintain the environment.

The Markers are mostly water based, washable and non-toxic and easy to use for children above the age of 3 . all markers are with aired cup to prevent drying and choking hazerd..

Plastikiddy Clay

Plastikiddy is high quality Clay produced in Thailand under European standards and American regulations. The Company has experienced 25 years in manufacturing high quality Clay. The Company has emphasis to maintain good manufacturing practice while preserving the environment. The Clay of Plastikiddy is adapted to all children above the age of 3 years , The Clay is non-toxic, soft and fragrant . The Clay does not stick and leave marks on the hands, easy to sculpture and even suitable for professional artists. .

The Clay Is Gluten Free 

KUM Sharpners Germany

KUM GMBH is  manufacturing Sharpners Since 1919, the company dealt with the years, the production of a sharpeners in all Kind of shapes. KUM sharpners are among the best Sharpners in the world.

The blades is High quality stainless steel and adapted to all kinds of pencils. Its also Possible to find a variety of classes of sharpening sharpener from the simplest sharpener adapted to the  left hand grip to Makeup Penciles etc.

Super Tex 

The Super Tex Series is Variety Of Glue Type Products from White Glue For Schools and

Kindergarten in whole Kind Of sizes , Super Glue in tubes , and Sillicon Multi Porpuse Glue.

The Super Tex Series also include Hook and Loop Fastener , Glue Gun , Office Tape Rolls 

and Latex Rubber.

All Super Tex Items Are High Quality Products and Menufactured In A class Factories.